Western Expansion Area

Whitehouse Park Western expansion area banner.jpg

The Western Expansion Area was designated as an extension to Milton Keynes in 2005. It covers an area of 352 hectares (870 acres) extending south from Stony Stratford to Crownhill on the west of the V4 Watling Street, Crownhill and Kiln Farm. It is made up of the estates named ‘Whitehouse’ (nearest to Crownhill) and ‘Fairfields’ (nearest to Stony Stratford). It is partially complete, with many residents now in occupation and several parks and play areas have been transferred into the Parks Trust’s care. The development of the estates continues, estimated to be complete by the early 2030’s. It is projected the development will be made up of around 6,500 dwellings and with a population of 15,000.

The masterplan for the development includes new parks covering a total of around 68 hectares (169 acres) in a range of sites across the estates. This will include 11 children’s play areas and two areas with pitches for sports (football and cricket). The Parks Trust has been nominated to take the new parks and play areas and some have already been transferred into our care. These transfers are taking place gradually as the various phases of the development are completed. Please contact us via the link below for the latest information on which parks and play areas have been brought into our care. Milton Keynes City Council will retain ownership of the sports pitches and will appoint a leisure company to operate these.

There will also be around 21 hectares (52 acres) of other green infrastructure including areas of tree planting, grasslands, ponds to manage surface water and approximately 15km (9 miles) of existing hedgerows retained as 'green corridor. We are seeking to encourage the developers to transfer these areas into the care of The Parks Trust.

For more information about The Parks Trust’s involvement in the Western Expansion Area – Fairfields and Whitehouse - contact us via info@theparkstrust.com.