Water Gardens

    Exciting work is happening to the ponds in the park! 
    Pond works timeline
    • January 2020 Tree spade removal and replanting of specimen trees from around the ponds.
    • February 2020 Removal of self-seeded trees from around the ponds.
    • October 2020 Draining and dredging of ponds.
    • March - April 2021 Hine spring bedrock revealed and spring dam installed.
    • July - August 2021 Restoration of pond walls.
    • September 2021 Installation of timber bridge. Creation of accessible paths around the ponds.
    • October 2021 Laying of turf and grass-seeding around the ponds.
    • November - December 2021 Works at the Cascade Pond.
    • Summer 2022 - Completion of Hine Spring works.

    Water now flows from the Hine Spring into the Round Pond, over the small cascade into the Canal Pond, into the spillway and under the canal and emerges in the Cascade Pond on the other side.

    Click here to find out more about the works at the Cascade Pond.

    The Water Gardens before works commenced, February 2020.

    • Cascade Pond

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